In our native country Autumn is a breathtaking, spectacularly beautiful and unruly time of year. Brightly coloured leaves swirl and play in the crisp untamed breezes. That fresh, invigorating spirit makes you just want to breathe deeply and fill your lungs with the joy of living. That spirit... that Essence of Autumn is what we try to capture in our yarns and designs.

However this Essence does not depend on a location or time of year. It is a journey and adventure that impels you to grab a hold of life and experience it. 

We hand dye our yarns with love to fuel your next creative adventure. We can not wait to see where

the Essence Of Autumn takes you.

We know you will enjoy using our yarns as much as we enjoy dyeing them.

Sheryl Cox

Essence of Autumn Yarn

essence of autumn-02_edited.png