Sheryl Cox

Owner    Dyer    Designer

When summer starts to fade and the air gets that first bite of chill. When the leaves start changing for a last encore of bright, gorgeous colour,  you know that winter is soon to follow. This brings a sense of excitement and expectation that we call the "Essence of Autumn". We can't wait for the snow and the needles to start flying. The more the snow piles up the more our yarn stash does as well. This is our passion and we are in our element. We welcome you to our online store. As the the scenery turns white you can always find the colour you crave here.


We are located in the beautiful Georgian Bay area of Ontario. The way the changing seasons alters the natural landscape is a constant source of inspiration. We know you will enjoy using our yarns as much as we enjoy dyeing them.

We know the needles and hooks aren't put away during the spring and summer. We have you covered for all seasons.

 Our vibrant colours are inspired by the gorgeous, rugged, landscape of Northern Ontario as it changes with the seasons. Natural fibre yarn bases such as merino, BFL, alpaca, silk and untreated wool in a variety of textures and weights act as our canvas as we try to capture the Essence of that natural beauty. 

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