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Hand Dyed Sock Yarn

Simply Beautiful Hand Dyed Yarns

You can find the most creative and exciting hand dyed yarns at Essence of Autumn Yarn.

We design our yarns to capture the stunning colors of the seasons and give you something to inspire your own creativity.


Let us hand dye the yarn you use for your next knitting, crochet or other fiber related project.


What You Should Know About Our Hand Dyed Sock Yarn

There's a few things that you should know about hand dyed yarns. Here are some general information and tips to get the most out of your hand dyed yarn.

How Our Hand Dyed Yarns are Made:

We use natural fiber yarns in each of our hand dyed yarn skeins. Each skein is dyed by hand using expert techniques. To see behind the scenes of our dyeing process check out our YouTube Channel (link below). We create bold and vibrant color options that are perfect for your next project.

Tips for Hand Dyed Yarn Color Matching and Consistency:

It's best to buy enough hand on yarn for a single project at once. This will ensure you have the best color matching and consistency as every skein can have slight variations in color and tone.

Then again, what's more exciting than color blocking and mixing things up?

Washing and Care of Hand Dyed Yarn:

Once you're done with your knitting project, we recommend that you hand wash your yarn in cold water using a gentle soap that is good for woolens. Lay the project flat to dry. This will protect the hand dyed color of the yarn and preserve the shape of of the garment.

Treat Your Next Knitting Project to Some Hand Dyed Yarns!

It's time to treat yourself to some hand dyed sock yarn. Why not treat yourself to hand dyed yarn that is unique, luxurious and inspiring for your next project?

Visit our online hand dyed yarn store today to get the yarn skeins you need for your next project.

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