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Yarn Club 3 is open for pre-order until October 20 and will start shipping by the end of November. This listing is for the colour Mirror Lake which is available on a selection of bases.


The art work of The Group Of Seven is the inspiration for this Art Collectors Yarn Club which features 4 new colours.  Check out the inspiration photos to give an idea of the artists colour palettes I will be using.


See Yarn Club Info and Yarn Bases for more details. 


About The Group Of Seven

The Group of Seven was a group of Canadian landscape painters from 1920 to 1933.  Believing that a distinct Canadian art could be developed through direct contact with nature, the Group is best known for its paintings inspired by the Canadian landscape, and initiated the first major Canadian national art movement. 

The original members were Franklin Carmichael (1890–1945), Lawren Harris (1885–1970), A. Y. Jackson (1882–1974), Frank Johnston (1888–1949), Arthur Lismer (1885–1969), J. E. H. MacDonald (1873–1932), and Frederick Varley (1881–1969). Later, A. J. Casson (1898–1992) was invited to join in 1926, Edwin Holgate (1892–1977) became a member in 1930, and LeMoine FitzGerald (1890–1956) joined in 1932.

Mirror Lake - Art Collectors Yarn Club 3 (pre-order)

PriceFrom $28.00
  • The Art Collectors Yarn Club is a special club where as the name implies art is the inspiration. There will be a total of 4 clubs for the year.


    Each club will consist of 4 new colours. 


    There are 9 bases available. Choose your yarn base and quantities from the drop down boxes. Information on the available bases is in Yarn Bases.


    Any in stock yarn purchased along with the yarn club will be shipped with the yarn club colours.

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